Director of Technology & Administration

Bobby Buhr


Bobby Buhr is a seasoned professional in the realm of administration, currently serving as the Director of Technology & Administration at Hook Law. With nearly two decades of dedicated service to the company, Bobby has played an integral role in its growth and success, contributing significantly to its expansion from a modest team of six employees to a thriving workforce of nearly thirty.

Throughout his tenure, Bobby has demonstrated exemplary leadership and organizational prowess, overseeing various administrative functions critical to the company’s operations. His keen eye for detail, coupled with strategic decision-making abilities, has been instrumental in streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency within the organization.

Outside the boardroom, Bobby finds joy and fulfillment in his roles as a parent to two wonderful children and as a devoted partner in family life. He cherishes moments spent with loved ones, often celebrating milestones and creating lasting memories with friends and family. An avid enthusiast of water sports and golf, Bobby finds solace, challenge, and camaraderie in these activities that connect him with the great outdoors and his community. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to continuous growth, Bobby Buhr exemplifies dedication, leadership, and a genuine zest for life both personally and professionally