As We Gather ‘round the Table: Involving the Elderly in Family Festivities

Hook Law News | Nov 15, 2022 | Shannon Laymon-Pecoraro, CELA

The holidays present an opportunity for loved ones near and far to gather together for celebration and reminiscing. However, it is important to remember that the holidays may trigger a spell of depression in the elderly and is therefore a particularly important time to assess a senior family member’s needs. We encourage our clients to engage family elders in life events throughout the year, especially during the holidays. Holidays often serve as a reminder of the friends and family lost, promoting a sense of loneliness. In addition, various factors, such as weather and travel, may negatively impact an individual’s ability to engage in social events or traditions. Taking into consideration any decline in mental and/or physical health that may result in an increasing dependence on others, the causes of depression during the holidays can be significant.

This is a time for you to proactively make elderly family member feel as though they remain a cherished member of the family by including them in your holiday plans. We recommend that you allow your loved ones to participate in activities. When physical involvement is not feasible, you should make sure you engage in regular telephone calls and encourage social activity.

By involving seniors in your holiday festivities you cannot only help promote joy, but assess an individual’s needs. By gathering together, you can assess such things as mental health, mobility, and care needs. If there are areas of concern, consider assisting your loved one to a doctor’s appointment, tackle heavy discussions related to estate planning and long-term care planning, and seek professional advice from an experienced elder law attorney. The Hook Law Center is designed to meet the needs of seniors and individuals with special needs. We can assist you and your loved ones in estate planning, financial planning, guardianship and conservatorship, estate administration, trust administration, asset protection planning, long-term care planning, and special needs planning. 

We wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to seeing you during the upcoming new year!


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