Supporting Your Clients: Camp Lejeune Settlements & Estate Administration

Helping Your Clients Secure Camp Lejeune Compensation for Deceased Loved Ones

You represent families impacted by the Camp Lejeune water contamination. When a client's loved one, potentially eligible for a settlement, has passed away, navigating legal hurdles can be challenging.

Estate Administration: The Crucial First Step

Before a deceased claimant's family can receive a Camp Lejeune settlement in Virginia, an estate must be opened to receive the settlement funds. Estate administration can be a complex and overwhelming process for families but it is crucial to ensure proper handling of assets and debts, ultimately leading to a fair distribution for beneficiaries.

Challenges for Your Clients

  • Establishing Legal Standing

    Your client will need to be appointed administrator or executor of the estate to manage the claim and accept the settlement proceeds.

  • Managing Estate Complexities

    Assets need identification, debts must be settled, and legal documentation completed (inventory, accountings, tax returns, etc.).

  • Ensuring Efficient Claim Processing

    Getting a fiduciary appointed quickly is crucial for timely filing a claim and receiving the Camp Lejeune settlement.

We Offer Expertise in Estate Administration

Our team specializes in estate administration, particularly for families affected by the Camp Lejeune situation.

How We Can Help

  • Expedite the Appointment Process

    We'll handle paperwork and schedule the qualification appointment, streamlining the client's path to becoming the estate representative.

  • Navigate Estate Management

    We'll guide them through asset identification, debt settlement, various filing requirements, and distribution calculations.

  • Facilitate Seamless Claim Processing

    By ensuring proper estate administration, we help your clients receive, administer, and distribute the Camp Lejeune settlement efficiently.

Focus on Your Clients' Needs – We Handle the Rest

Let us manage the legal complexities of estate administration. This allows you to focus on advocating for your clients and ensuring they receive the full compensation they deserve. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your clients' Camp Lejeune claims.