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Expert Integration for Seamless Collaboration

Hook brings decades of experience to the table, offering a practical and efficient suite of services for your clients. From putting plans into action to finding creative solutions, and even handling questions outside your firm’s expertise – we’ve got you covered.

Custom Solutions for Complex Challenges

We specialize in high net-worth individuals; tackling diverse issues like estate tax, wealth transfer, and charitable gifting is what we do best.

Our personalized strategies not only aid your clients in preserving more earnings but also guide them through complexities, minimizing tax exposure, and maximizing opportunities for financial success.

    Areas of Expertise

    Our suite of services help you serve your clients with ease and confidence.

    View Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
    Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer icon

    Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

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    View Long-Term Care Planning
    Long-Term Care Planning icon

    Long-Term Care Planning

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    View Trust, Estate Administration & Probate
    Trust, Estate Administration & Probate icon

    Trust, Estate Administration & Probate

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    View Private Business Succession & Tax Planning
    Private Business Succession & Tax Planning icon

    Private Business Succession & Tax Planning

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    View Retirement & Financial Planning
    Retirement & Financial Planning icon

    Retirement & Financial Planning

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    View Guardianships & Conservatorships
    Guardianships & Conservatorships icon

    Guardianships & Conservatorships

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    View Fiduciary Litigation & Dispute Resolution
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    Fiduciary Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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    View Special Needs Planning
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    Special Needs Planning

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    A Team Of Accredited Experts

    • 8 Attorneys
    • 2 American College of Trusts and Estates College (ACTEC) Fellows
    • 2 Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA)
    • 2 CFPs®
    • 2 Certified Medicaid Planners
    • 2 MPAs
    • 1 CPA + MBA
    • 1 MSW
    Make a Plan
    Let's make a plan.
    We help individuals and their families navigate the legal maze and implement plans to secure their futures. By working together, we're able to offer comprehensive planning, life care services and legal representation, giving you peace of mind for what ever life brings.