Trust, Estate Administration & Probate

Choosing an executor for your estate? Serving as an executor or trustee for a friend or relative? Protecting your interests as an estate heir or trust beneficiary? Hook Law attorneys are experienced in these complicated but important matters. We’re here to guide you through every one of the many steps, challenges, complications and regulatory hoops you’re sure to encounter. 

Plan for the Good Life

Have you been named an executor? Settling a loved one’s estate can be a daunting and time-consuming challenge. We’re here to help make a difficult responsibility easier. From inventorying personal property and organizing estate sales, to listing and selling homes and real estate. We’ll handle the accounting and tax return responsibilities, too. Don’t take on this big responsibility alone. Find out how Hook Law can help.

Trust Administration

If you’ve been called upon to serve as an estate executor or trustee, we can help you navigate your legal duties and responsibilities. Our attorneys will guide you in sorting through the maze of state and federal requirements while avoiding honest mistakes and personal liability.

Trustee & Fiduciary Compliance

When it comes to deciding who will oversee your estate and affairs, appointing friends or relatives isn’t always the best option. We serve as a corporate trustee or fiduciary for clients and their families who demand a higher level of experience and support in the administration of trusts and estates.

Beneficiary Representation

If you are named an heir to an estate or the beneficiary of a trust, Hook Law’s experienced professionals can help you protect your rights and interests. A dispute over a trust or estate can be both emotionally and legally complicated. We guide you through it all while carefully safeguarding your best interests.

Tailored Solutions

  • Distribute Assets Of The Estate, Pay Debts & Taxes
  • Special & General Administration Of Probate Estates
  • Co-Executor, Successor Executor, Court Appointed Administration
  • Co-Trustee, Successor Trustee, Court Appointed Trustee Or Special Fiduciary
  • Advising Conservators Of Minors & Incapacitated Adults
  • Protecting Beneficiary Rights & Interests
  • Resolving Trust & Estate Disputes
  • Litigation & Settlement
Make a Plan
Let's make a plan.
We help individuals and their families navigate the legal maze and implement plans to secure their futures. By working together, we're able to offer comprehensive planning, life care services and legal representation, giving you peace of mind for what ever life brings.