Certified Public Accountant

Sheri Thomas


Sheri Thomas brings over two decades of accounting, taxation, business management, IRS and state tax problem resolution experience to the firm, and enjoys every opportunity to help Hook Law clients achieve their financial goals. She also serves as a trusted business advisor to individuals and business owners, guiding them on both the business and personal sides of their financial lives to help them integrate their personal goals with effective business, financial and tax planning strategies. Sheri has experience filing tax returns in multiple states, as well as on behalf of military clients who may have more complex state tax filing requirements. She is passionate about working with clients to resolve their IRS and state tax balances. In one case, she was able to work with the IRS on behalf of a client to reduce their balance by $67,710. In another case in the state of Virginia, she was able to reduce the balance owed by $21,196. Sheri serves on the audit and budget committees at her church and is a member of the Virginia Society of CPAs.


  • Bowie State University | Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Accounting Concentration
  • William Howard Taft University | Master of Science, Taxation, 2016 | Doctorate of Business Administration Anticipated Graduation 2024


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Enrolled Agent, Federally Licensed to Practice Before the IRS
  • Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute