Customer Testimonials

The help that I received was beyond outstanding. Hook Law helped me through a process with my sister-in-law’s estate. They gave me very good instruction on how to get things done. If I had to do this over again, I would use Hook Law. Job well done!

- Samuel W., February 2023

I had put off preparing a will and finally ‘bit the bullet’. Jennifer Rossettini and her assistant Michelle Sykes assisted me through the entire process, making is easier than I had anticipated. Now I have peace of mind knowing that I have these documents in place.

- Paula T., September 2022

Everyone here is so awesome! They took their time to explain everything. We never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend Emily and Tiffany.

- Barbara K., September 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

Extremely patient with us and answered all of our questions. We were difficult to stay in touch with and they were very understanding and work with our timeline and schedule.

- Gregory F., September 2022

We were directed to Hook Law Center for elder care, POA, wills, and a family trust. We needed professional advice and a trustee for our estate. Emily and her team were great and even helped us with our pet trust to take care of our cats.

- Jim & Jessica J., September 2022

Letha McDowell led us through every step of the estate planning process. We are so grateful to benefit from the expertise of an elder law expert. Skyler Lucas kept us on track and was so responsive and easy to work with. Thank you.

- Linda & Harry G., September 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge Letha McDowell and Rachel Snead for their exemplary work on this case. Both Letha and Rachel were extremely professional and knowledgeable in performing their duties. They always returned phone calls, emails, and asked questions promptly. The level of support and comfort they gave me as a team is beyond words in expression. The situation was tremendously difficult and they walked me through it with ease. Most importantly, they were able to protect my mother and her assets from further damage. From the bottom of mu heart I want to thank Letha and Rachel for all of their hard work. These women are an undeniable asset to the Hook Law Center and I would be happy to work with them in any future situations that may arise.

- Jodi H., August 2022

Very knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic staff. They helped me ensure all required actions were completed upon my mother’s passing. They were extremely helpful in explaining things, updating my will and advanced medical directive, all while guiding me in establishing my trust. They worked with me at my pace; the entire staff is friendly and extremely helpful! Rachel was the best. She made me feel cared for as a person, not just a client.

- Doris O., August 2022

Friendly, very trustworthy, to the point…everything I needed in this time of confusion. The process went like clockwork. This was an office that was very positive and I was very impressed.

- Karen S., July 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

It was a pleasure working with Skyler and Letha who are both very professional and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable with my estate planning.

- Sheila S., July 2022

I could not have adjusted to all the changes in my and my husband’s life these last six years – Hook Law Center employees have been wonderful to me. They answered all of my questions and were very patient with me. I recommend them to everyone!

- Emmalene J. , July 2022

This has been the second time I’ve reached out to Hook Law Center for help- and help is what you need when life throws curveballs. More than likely, if you haven’t received such a pitch as of yet, you will. From advice to getting you on the right track, Hook Law will step up to the plate. Letha worked with me both times and was always there when I had questions. When the curveballs start coming, she won’t let them strike you out.

- Robin H., June 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

Our experience with Letha over the last three years has been amazing. I knew the reputation of Hook Law prior to meeting her and she did not disappoint at all. It is a blessing to be able to have that caliber of attorneys in NC. We are grateful for her knowledge and expertise. Letha did a remarkable job with our legal binder for our estate. Thankful for your work and dedication.

- Jessica L., May 2022

We are very happy with the services provided to us by the gals here in the OBX. They were friendly, professional, and prompt. We would recommend them – 100%!

- Kenneth & Donna S., May 2022

I am very happy with Rachel Snead and her legal services in creating my trust. I had so many questions along the way and Rachel made the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. More importantly, I always felt that she was genuinely concerned with my case and made sure I was satisfied and fully-informed. I always felt like my trust mattered to her.

- Robert S., May 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

Everyone at the center is very professional, friendly and courteous. The service and advice we received from both Gilbert and Skyler was superb and they took their time in explaining all our options. We highly recommend Hook Law Center to anyone needing their services.

- Antonio F., March 2022

Service was fast and pleasant. Everyone is extremely nice.

- Cynthia M., March 2022

Sonia Carey and Letha McDowell are wonderful! They are professional, knowledgeable, personable, and friendly. They showed empathy for all I was going through – so kind! They were always patient with me, and always available.

- Dorothy O., March 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

The service provided was totally as expected. Skyler was efficient, effective, cordial, professional, and ever-present. Jennifer and the rest of the staff were super and very professional in their actions. Mr. Hook, as always, was knowledgeable and helpful. He has a staff to be proud of.

- F. Moen, March 2022

Great service – both knowledgeable and professional. Absolutely fantastic job. I highly recommend Hook Law Center!

- Kenneth P., March 2022

It was a pleasant experience of a lifetime, all bundled up into a will. They have great staff at Hook Law!

- Linda W., March 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

I can’t begin to tell you of the comfort and reassurance Hook Law Center has given to me throughout this process. Sonia and the firm have allayed all my concerns. Even though we are geographically separated, they held my hand through it all. I have developed a respect and an admiration for them all that simply can’t be put into words. They are folks that cross with our lives for a reason but remain in our hearts for a lifetime. Thank you for everything.

- Sharon T., March 2022

We can’t thank Andy and his team enough for the work they did on our estate. They did an awesome job and their knowledge was top-notch. Thank you for everything.

- Karen C., February 2022

Excellent information and assistance!

- Patricia K., February 2022

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

Everyone is pleasant and easy to talk to. They ensured all my questions were answered to my satisfaction.

- Matthew R., January 2022

Professional and genuine – they showed great interest in our needs. We will be back for any needs in the future.

- Rose H., January 2022

My experience with the Hook Law Center was very satisfactory. They were knowledgeable and helpful. Questions were answered without any frustration. I am very pleased with the final paperwork!

- Eleanor W., December 2021

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

I could not have handled all the issues that arose with getting my mom into care when needed and later with her estate without Letha and Sonia. Many issues were made bearable due to their help. They listened to all my concerns and made this entire process as easy as possible for me. They even helped me with my own estate!

- Gloria H., November 2021

My meeting with Hook Law Center was very professional and friendly. After a review of my needs to handle my estate Letha prepared the documents that I would need. All this was accomplished during this visit. Outstanding service. I highly recommend Hook Law Center.

- Anonymous

Everyone has been pleasant and helpful. All my questions were answered and explained thoroughly. The binder is awesome and helps with organization. I love the feeling of knowing where everything is!

- Anonymous

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.

I was pleased and very satisfied with the professionalism, communication skills, and important information from both Michelle Sykes and Shannon Laymon-Pecoraro. They were very quick to answer both personal and legal questions I had. Both Shannon and Michelle have my highest recommendation.

- Anonymous

I was duly impressed by the diligence and speed with which all of my questions were answered. I would recommend Hook Law Center to others.

- Anonymous

I like the customer service, the follow-up calls, the expertise, and the care the paralegals and attorneys have shown me.

- Anonymous

When you're ready to start planning, we're ready to help.