After my plan has been signed and implemented, what are your fees to review and update it?

We recommend that you regularly review your plan. Changes in your circumstances or in the law can make your plan ineffective to accomplish your objectives or carry out your wishes.

If you elect to become a member of our Preferred Client Program, for a fixed fee of $750 per year, you may call us with questions about your plan without charge and we will annually meet with you to review your estate plan and make minor revisions as necessary to the plan. If significant revisions are required, as a member we will discount our fee by 10%.

If you are interested in the Preferred Client Program, please call us for a DVD and brochure which explains the program in greater detail.

As an alternative, we recommend that you retain us at least every 3 years to review your plan and make necessary revisions. In this case, we will charge you for this service based on our hourly rate.

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